Written by Athenic

The Celestial Dragon

The Pearl Dragon

The Host of Spirits

The Chief of Angels

The Dragon’s Pearl

Behemoth and Leviathan Scroll

The Book of the Apostle

First Fruit of the Garden

Deep Sea Dragon

The Platinum Dragon

The Holy of Holies

The Architecture


The Holy Gathering in Heaven

when i was chosen by the predictor of good things to happen we confirmed the reach of heaven to be a medium of its own choosing to unwrap the bundle of heaven; to grant God’s gift of understanding among the false witness and prophesies that hold accountable to Us in heaven for thy names sake to be given hell and to arise from it on that appropriate day on the seventh given to the prefect; the first fruits of roger; or confirmation that is completed in heaven by the will of Heaven to begin again as it was; or as it will be from now until eternity. two days / that stand between a week for rest / and it’s harvest. (2000 / 7 / 56) = the century of return.

FAQ in Spiritual Terms

FAQ in Spiritual Terms

  1. Deja Vu: reproof under the holy ghost the spiritual guide and a reminder. when the right (spiritual (woman, wisdom)) side of the brain is used at the same time the left (physical (man, truth)) side does.
  2. Esprit De Corps: leaving on good terms. justice and forgiveness.
  3. Covet: to give and then take back. for example: an “Indian giver”
  4. Repent: ask a neighbor for forgiveness, so that you can enter heaven together.
  5. Inequity: making a rude comment. for example: to act without using your heart.
  6. Blasphemy: to hate what is good.
  7. Gluttony: to consume more than you create. for example: to criticize someone who reaped when you never toiled.
  8. Forsaken: to forget what one has done for you. for example. a Christian should not forsake Christ by forgiving others like Christ had forgiven us of our sins.
  9. Adultery: when we don’t speak or communicate with our spouses; before or after casual sex.
  10. Fornication: a mid phase of a relationship when married to another.
  11. Angel of God: anyone heavenly or earthly being performing a miracle, interacting or doing the will of God during troubled times.
  12. Score Years: twenty years or a generation. for example: in 20 years a car becomes a classic or in a score year.
  13. A Time: a year or a tenth of a time (year,month, day).  for example: a day or even a year could be a thousand years in heaven.
  14. Gentile: a branch given to God’s new garden. the chosen branch of God’s next tree grafted in the garden. a chosen head in time.
  15. First Fruit: the first caught up in the rapture, the first one to know death without dying or seeing it.
  16. Stars: angels, Kings or Prophets of God. human beings. woman or man alike.
  17. Thrwins: three twins placed separately apart as to balance nine other twins on a zodiac wheel.
  18. Legion: 3000 : three thousand. 1/3 of 3000 with a sword of their return. 1/3 of 9000 with a sword of faith that is renewed before a time returns within its creation for a 1/10 of time becoming a return of Heaven.
  19. ingenious: characterized as a genius but more so an infidel. or a typical spiritual person who will open the doors of their own mental capabilities for God’s own will to magnify the power of its creation to outreach unto God’s heaven for a demon’s seed to fall upon the earth.
  20. haughty: to speak in your voice or common tongue.
  21. Spiritually Blind: one who has lost their path unto God; a path without tripping over snares or stumbling blocks that were conspired.
  22. Heathen: a new church or religion.
  23. Pagan: an old church or religion.
  24. Rapture: a time taken from the peace of heaven on earth; the changing of the right hand of God that sets a great tribulation or disorder as a stumbling block on the path of righteousness to return.
  25. Purgatory: a place of rest after heaven on earth exchanges hands. spiritual falling to the underworld.

The Bread and Mesa

God has set the night and day between the year and month. master and servant is set between one time that becomes the master for one day and one time that serves the master for one night that must always be given a chance to rule beside the day. even as light conquers darkness, so shall darkness be inherent to the light of heaven that darkens the earth as the day of night becomes a set time between Heaven on earth and the Heavens above. even when the light of day faces the earth tears of the sun will fall upon the night to open the skies of darkness and every ear of corn that springs forth to exalt Heavens above as the bread of God’s mesa.