A Collision of Heaven and Earth

there comes a time when heaven is given to one and not to the other. there is time when heaven is given today and never tomorrow. and while there comes a time when all will enter into heaven and a time when only one enters before the other.


The Expansion of Our Universe

the moon pulls the waters of earth; and the sun pulls the earth at the same time the light of the world pulls darkness light years away into space and time; that pulls the light into a dynamic universe within a central circulation that pulls time through dimensions of expansion that pulls other Heavens into ours.

The Bread and Mesa

God has set the night and day between the year and month. master and servant is set between one time that becomes the master for one day and one time that serves the master for one night that must always be given a chance to rule beside the day. even as light conquers darkness, so shall darkness be inherent to the light of heaven that darkens the earth as the day of night becomes a set time between Heaven on earth and the Heavens above. even when the light of day faces the earth tears of the sun will fall upon the night to open the skies of darkness and every ear of corn that springs forth to exalt Heavens above as the bread of God’s mesa.

The New Beginning

The Beginning

The world held their breath for understanding of the first in its creation bringing true light and understanding to witness the Big Boom heard in succession breaking open the firmament with loud concussions lying under the atmosphere inhaled by dusk of dawn. breaking fourth the corners and lights of all understanding.

as a witness and holder of God’s fire that carries our generation of gentiles’ to bare witness to Jesus Christ who is a redeemer of all sins.


Satan is Behind Me

who has given Me wisdom has also given Me the knowledge and first fruit of its garden at hand. let no other realm come between the right hand of God and His Angels before the light falls beneath the roots of a serpentine that swallows the earth and then falls behind the incarnation as a flail and staff of the underworld; the mark of the Sun shining behind Me as a crown to a halo of God’s mark that is given under the laws of protection; so that other beings will come between heaven on earth and God’s creation.

Born in Captivity

Athenic: I was a Christian and now i am a Buddhist; how did i become a Muslim?

Athenic: when the light of God darkens in you be prepared to pay your bill.

Athenic: I turned into reptilian two days ago i looked at myself and i started shape shifting and every time i got to woman i thought to myself wow i look good and then i changed back to myself and then started shedding.

Athenic: If would lose my soul but gain the world… Hmm! if that is so then Heaven on Earth is already mine? oh yeah i forgot about them Christians with their loop to loop hole doctrine.what else does one need; if they would only believe in God they will be saved for that day when God returns. now i just been told that the MEEK are inheriting my earth.

Athenic: there was a man who opened a book and then opened a reason to open the book. for the better of the two will become the same unto one if the other is done.

Athenic: if the world was round it must be flat by now with all this shakin goin on.

Athenic X: says that is one Muslim planet. Planet X.

Athenic: when it’s time and they are telling you to go underground. rip your garments and beat your chest hard and tell them your no wildflower but a thousand cranes of papers afloat.

Athenic: when you are in God’s spirit your an extension of heaven without sin and when you are in God’s house “SIN NO MORE!” (without sin)

Athenic: some already asked ‘is Nibiru going to hit us?’ i made a hesitant reply ‘no! Nibiru is not going to hit us.’ but we are going to hit Nibiru. it’s a game we play every reunion. Athenic is hype: “we didn’t land on nibiru. nibiru landing on us” and as i was about lift two fingers up in defeat i placed them deep into the nose Nibiru as put a spin on Her down the playing surface of it’s plain of trajectory curving hard to the side and sweeping them everywhere and then i sat down in sight and lit a cigar.

Athenic: flat earth is the girth of God’s belly and the waters were created in His navel. and then He sneezed as the earth went round and then back to it’s girth. flat earth.

Athenic: if you happen to be crossing down a stony path and you see a man without a face do you ask Him why? or do you just keep walking? life wants to live and death wants to be dead but the one who knows life is the living proof that we walk with God alone to never cross paths with Death. Athenic: so were you scared? Athenic: i thought that was Me that passed by.

Athenic: i am not putting heat down but who in the hell would make another sun. to me that would irresponsible to have energy like that and not use it for our own need. so my many may believe that a simulator was made when we do not even have enough money to pay hourly bill; a whole day would break this economy and ten others who thought this up. i believe its a black hole that our sun is entering and exiting as it bends light and stretches it out and then reshapes it back into big ass sexy model that is dressed up in the sun and walking fashion circle around us and at the end the day she takes it off.

Athenic: my daughter from the future(unknown) came down from heaven to talk to me. and God’s voice was in her. and as she was leaving in an adhd hurry. i said this to my daughter. Lord! get back here now!

Athenic: i am Catholic? Athenic: a born Catholic? Athenic: you didn’t choose the religion. the religion chose you. Athenic: i think you were also born in captivity. Athenic: what about the dragon? Athenic: what about the dragon? Athenic: all of you are alike.

Athenic: if desire keeps you from going into church then there is no hope for you going in to heaven. Athenic: Am I a sinner if i only go to church because i like a girl. or because i’m looking for love? Athenic: no, you have every right to go to church. and why not, sinners do.

Athenic: the longest route to heaven is when the shoes you wear don’t fit.