Dream Catcher

he who  has song and brings forth life and hope beside Me to a season. from art in heaven painted to the face of rock caves and stone marks of freedom  from grape to tissue and blood torn from many wild beast. and fermented wine of the popper plant. while chanting in Great Spirits to appease the future of our own kind inside a skin of walking darkness kindle from spirit and guide before creation. for he was the spirit of heaven remade twice inside each inner being from a night changing aloft and frequent before dreamtime awakened. as the sun enters gate and  an aging of man in one day passing . these works of every man lifted from the rivers and Great Spirit  baptized in free flowing waters clear and drinkable for thirst and heavens to be alike in the fires or shadows dancing in darkness releasing the old skins filled only once with the wine and body renewed from Holy Bread of our ancestors by the sacred transformation to your name. as He is seen traversing from the underground carrying a hump or satchel that holds a new (SUN) and lullaby bundled with a reed of many waters that stream together into heaven North and East.


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