Two Sisters

Anna & Barbra

these two daughters of our lord will come forth to be as the Fathers wishes and given to the sisters of Egypt and Madagascar through the highest Fatherly Man under Heaven for one did remind the Father of God to be Himself.
when the two daughters combine trust it is openly given to two women who are our moms for the heaven to believe let the Father remain after and give Him instructions to believe in man again and to believe him who we sent to be our Father.
when we walk together too many things can open the heavens together shall we remain for a thousand years. as the Day reunites in heaven then will the Sons of Heaven be as One underneath the roof and light of God’s being as the Church of Christ.
with the house open the seed of God reopens the gate and seeds a demon in heaven to know when the house combines to the others and to the will of God’s heart to plant with man and with the saints above to be another returned and for the Father and the Latter Saints to be the sons of heaven, the seeds of the Sons of God and Man.
when the twin return from Asia then the two will be as the Father and the Sons of Heaven underneath the waters that heal much resource and leg as the hoof enters the last stable of God’s race to as the one who knows and the one who gathers the witch in the Latter Days of Men.
let He who knows understanding reckon the number of the beasts in Heaven or on earth to be as the Latter Days of heaven returning and making the world a footstool of light and a cornerstone of Heaven underneath the stars of Men and the glory of woman.
under the heavenly skies did we perform a miracle to earth as the light adsorbs the suns heat did one come out of the heavenly key hole and third heaven to be one and three times taken to be as one and the last showing  many forms of unto heaven and it’s body melting the wax of the heavenly candle.

Sara and Jane

from the light lifts the world. and from darkness pulls from depths and safely firms the two firmaments he and she. child and labor pains of two sisters Sara and Jane who opens the northerly gates of Atlantis.


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