The Mountains

the holy mountain(s) of God’s church inhabits the world laid upon a throne and footstool rested upon thy neighbors wind and change that moved a mountain upon the northern winds of Heaven that circulated  with the southern wind that keeps blowing a great pipe or wood wind from three cords of the reed of it’s new wine-skin swayed by standing upright until the Spirit of God is heard or becomes the works unseen to be trembled or felt to a heavenly body in Spirit to the One in Heaven and to the One enshrouded to be as clear as crystal stones of fire and everlasting light from the One in Array to a corridor and course proceeding from out the land or dimension of an Arch Angel’s element of fire or ice composed to a mote and lake of fire that surrounds the mountain(s) and fills the chasm between Heaven and Earth. and the voice of God was heard as Heaven’s Gate opened to the “symphonia” of the Highland bagpipe in chorus with all heavenly instruments.


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