The Miracle Mile

not all will inherit the kingdom of God but will work harder for it to be given to just one countryman. a kingdom that grows to eternity must bare fruit and the seeds that fall directly through the Father and the Son who are now One unto Us who has sown from the beginning of time and times that are taken through the spirit peeling back the last of times to be hidden if not unbecoming the likeness of God’s creation upon one measurement walked or a thousand miles to be one  miracle mile to and from both sides of a Nation that’s separated by a great river inheritance and serpent called Time and Time Again. he who walks from and to the horizon that gathers unto three walls and two other towers that watch and learn to measure the four corners that is fixed right under a foundation placed within a camel’s eye and needle that glorifies the father in heaven  to places three stones in a bundle, one for a basket afloat, one for a coffin afloat, two form a Pandora’s box that will be opened causing a fifth on earth to parish as the fourth Heaven is firmly placed as a cornerstone and measure. and i saw two in a garden that were filled with the brightness of green and God that complemented the sun unto a valley that was taken care of by a Shepard and his wife who is a High Priestess of heaven.