the seeds of Man

if one has many seeds of destruction then you will reap the benefits of heaven by the hand of God who knows that man plowed many days and many nights to be the owner of an acre eye for eye, and a time for a time be in season and near the end of harvest. for man to make his living he hires three unwelcomed guest. and places them in charge of the harvest to bring the equal shares of men, awaiting and feeling under the weather of heaven reaping, but the guest who become mad until a time was due to fall beside those who plowed these seeds of man to many and through One to be the heavens maker and time spoken for. from the south the last trumpet sings and the word that was hidden became manifested unto all who knew sin and the man didn’t work until he knew that his job was done. and now from the heaven did we know the the judgment of God is pure and true to be good to know every one that reaps for God to be our health and redemption to honor for this day of judgment unto God that no man will be able to know, that to be the giving or the reaping of tomorrow under heaven, to fall from the shortage of breath and seizures to be our laugher and a smile to be filled with a spirit of God that makes us cry and beg for mercy unto what breaks or destroys the sins of men. by this i verily verily say unto you if the man smiles and you smile back the heavens already have fallen and the final is trumpet has been blown. 


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