Feathers Crown

The first and third of the stars remained to be seen at night to the of heavens awakening and the ear and the light of the world to be spoken from the heart which is felt to every hand and line of braille to be the love and the light of heaven that will allow all to come upon the lights of heaven’s awakening and a time to adjust and balance our hearts to a life without spirit as clay and essence that becomes flesh and waters that become the firmament bursting through all heavens as one who understands the truth colliding among the stars passing to through the bundle and set from the first of truths in the heart balance as wisdom upon the lake of fires built twice, glowing in spirit casting a shadow over twin lakes of God’s Spirit at hand to open the thunders clouded by its eye wailing to each of our passing hosts to be  wise, and understanding of its own being brought from two empty vessels in sight of all the gods who prepare the in root of our Deity and fires to heaven who has given life to earthly beings and heavenly beast that watch and move, the skies mended across the heavenly body in man’s heart and soul open to the sacred cave that was rooted firmly to be as one in the fires or spirit to those before molded from the clay of man’s hollow grounds in heavens brought forth by the chanting in season to a feather from a Crown to balance the heavenly body through the spirit of the Great Valley that was washed or refined from or to the Mountains that had fallen under times(ages) made from Heaven to be without clouds of judgment felt from the hand of God to be written in brail through patterns that were written in the heavens and felt from the heart that lights a constellation in braille and stars read for all nations to know a time given or taken through the needle of man’s heart. the first and last given to God’s breath that made life to the waters of heaven’s gate that gather fire and ice and the making of nets that bring forth multitudes. returning our heavy bundle. and giving to the living spirit and of man to speak or eat as He wills by casting a heavenly net and light to all.


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