The Two Scouts

two scouts upon a buffalo herd is seen by woman with a wooden staff who comes upon the two thoughts and the one of the being evil is scorned and removed from flesh. and the thought of the good scout fears to the woman’s staff and rod covered with flesh and hair beside me but the woman opens the wrap and show’s a red stone a staff and from four corners he hears her voice saying return unto yours and I’ll unto mine in a day’s time to give that man a blessing. as the next day brighten the woman rolled over in snow covered herself wool white through the four winds west red wool covered her and west kept to the Garden of the Mother and returns, covered in black wool from the south winds and then yellow wool covering from the east winds taken to sacred mesa or Plateau holding the skins of man walking saying change of skin and renewal of flesh is coming and to the true spirit of God one must also become like a color of heaven or a stone that holds all colors and rainbow bridging the Grand Father and Child to flesh and body.


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