A New Branch

the new branch of Heaven and Davidians Seventh-day Adventist Church at the base of Mt. Carmel which is also the New Waco Texas and which is fire resistant, molten from lava and also a suburb of Heaven. what was seen from the thousands of witnesses watching fire fighting and smoke plume up from the compound that let no eye blink or tear for freedom of their Messiah. but it came to pass that One will return from the fires and be chosen beside His son who also bares the mark of Cain to His name who walks and measures the whole distance of the corners of earth to know who I Am beside the prophet to be the one light and unto these witnesses that measure in the lone star of the west to be the last prophet to this land.The world was search and measure before the giving of spirit released and take for our time present found upon the mark and head of the world sinning to be found guilty and judged before the Most High and all the elected whose sins have been washed in the blood of the lamb. but a cry was heard from the desert as one from one taken from the wilderness and place into purgatory to also bare in truth to tribulation or the earth in labor as to be birth the child and releasing him to the world before judgment took place and he fell into the abyss  during rebirth unto the nations as to witness the works or man without cause and effect to judge the world without love and compassion through spirituality that deceives man from knowing and giving the mark of God to hand of His incarnation of Christ Jesus which had no fear in the presence of its elect who was cleansed before the time of tribulation and before the time of His return to judge all the righteous that had been slain before this tribulation for the witnessing of Jesus Christ who had binded their covenant with the first heaven of Christ Jesus which is a body and pillar of Heaven.

but a new wonder overcame the many who have accepted the राक्षसों and the beast of heaven and all the elect and all of the angels who shook the the Olive Tree and casted its fruits before season upon the whole world and to be rooted deeply from religion to rises through the Heaven for Earth as it was in Heaven to remain accordingly. I Ρογήροςς™ have been the eyes & ears of God (cleansedthrough Jesus Christ and acting upon my brother’s absence who are Amsterdam (666) and God presence for 500 years alone to heaven’s blessing His Own.  the tree of heavenly knowledge also includes Richmond and Richard Grant, Jacob and Isaac Arenas, Terry and Larry Rodgers who are three sets of twins and my brother Archie.


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