Tree of Knowledge

the Red Dragon is her coil and Her slumber a day that shall arise twice but falls once from the heavens as to a nest and birthplace given two pearls of heaven and it’s cradle of that what Dryad grafts from the thoughts and holiness because she saw the fruits and saved the tree of life thereof to man and she had an image of the snake with coils of hair and Her day was written “thou shalt take from and be given.” and the ancient serpent  who was the mother and Great Wyrm that drew a third of the stars down to earth. and one did reappear from thunder and rain to latter hail and stones tossed from all sides and upon the one in labor pains clashing thunder and rains giving a wide berth to lightning and weather alas. and it had wings of an eagle and the eyes of a dove its wingspan was four corners wide and spoke as the first and second and also from our head and image as to one who knew the dragon from a time that was taken from the past and reawakened. but the dragon covered the child with one wing and the sun with one wink.

the first was the serpent of the tree that befriended the couple and gave them knowledge and the lord said your day is done and the serpent eat dust and death while softly entering the underbelly of Heavens tree firmly rooted deep under her belly the becomes that nest and children of tomorrow. and the staff of Moses.


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