True Wisdom

under the field you can find a dozen roots bearing in time the waters that fruit with the taste, cleanse the thirst and makes the waters free flowing in and out of the gardens of wisdom lifted under the wings of a bat and a dove as the wisdom is lifted in the daytime. but the lord breathes the wind into your souls and brings back your taste for reason and everlasting peace as the winds spreads wisdom to other kingdoms beyond the four corners of good and evil that seeds truth into all life hidden upon this branch of knowledge to be trusted and forgotten as the winds die down in heavenly time spent being idol, for the wind is the heaven speaking with authority from fallen angels with the last incoming waters given to wisdom shows the light unto the world giving breathe to the lifeless and to our children living from breath to breath opening the darkness of a cave that calls upon your children tomorrow to be the light and golden lantern of man who are uncorrupted and give taxes so that they can enter unto Heaven even as those who inherit the kingdom of God.