Body Possession

  1. the guardian, who is a Genie. my light and father within Me anointed from frankincense and myrrh that melt in the heat of two spirits that never end. and the night begin soft as clay while the furnace transformed me from the night and the fire that make fine brass to be tempered steel.

  2. the lord told me twenty three years ago this would be a special night. as my wife and i lay down to sleep two spirits jump inside our bodies (possession) and have sexual intercourse through the night.

the night sang to me through music saying “this is going to be a special night” while fast asleep i could feel and hear my wife getting on top of me, yet it ain’t me. i can see and hear my wife on me but see her at the top of His tower that had the girth of Babylon that was pushed deep inside her Island paradise foaming with waters flowing in and out of her small fertile cave.