the house is given to know Egypt, the  Mississippi is the serpent and twin through the world separated and remade. seen over the blue waters and the gate of tomorrow opened for the children of Egypt placed as we’re unto them as the taken received and filled. for the night is the older the the day older the light renewed and stretched opened in flight through roads over and under valleys of life taken and placed in the Mid West where the house is nested and cradled for a time that gathers her flight seen from Africa and the course flight to Indianapolis seen above the trees and mountains that call for her but the next path is to Egypt and Africa and the last fort of heaven the last stronghold to Me and the flight continues through Africa and stops in Madagascar then turns through Egypt and then then straight to Avalon to Her Day is made to know 22 maidens, 5 priest, 1 eagle. these are well received as it was waited upon to crown Scotland the Gathering of Her waters.


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