A New Bridge(Vine)

one who comes before the gates of Valhalla is given the horn of a ram with a mouth of fine brass made dry from a melody or taps of a sacrificial Lamb skin that honors the memory a fallen veterans rising out from the thunders and from the winds of reveille awakened by destiny of the lamb and by a new generation that’s trudging under a bridge as if one had been quaked long ago from the blasting of it’s horn(s) causing the two horns to separate and rut a time until prophecy rested deep in a field of sleep to awaken deja vu and plant a mirage of a bridge and Jacob’s Ladder standing two fold and upright in the midst of clouds that drew itself upon the surface of the earth measured and remeasured to be once and twice and thrice the size of the first bridge standing. the bridges north of the Tropic of Cancer are threefold. from Asia, North America, and Europe to be complete.


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