Shirt and Coat

  1.  the works of God happens to One as the world would give two as one. understanding is giving to many who sing. as the waters flow north towards the entrance of the garden to be width and length of the Gardens. for the garden open the next today and giving the blink and segment of the day to be opened for the 6th hours at hand.
  2. if one would blink under the moon then will heaven blink as well. by the night that sees the truth to be the other eye worth saving. when the other man gives the heavens the heart seen through three rings and one time to be taken side by side and worth is in the heavens as the night opens width and the length.
  3. the one seen as the night watchman is to be our given Son in the hour of man and the given day to date in the skies open and given to the mages of the past to come forth and ring the bells of God’s remembrance to as the Church and wife begot to one virgin.
  4. for one to fall under the coat of man given to the eye of man’s third heaven. and the waters fill the night closing time together and given for two to be one in body and spirit and one name is Cyrus and Cyrus ² the other Sirus.



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