Opening the Heavenly Gates

i wonder from one casket carved from stone to another and from one heaven to the other. will the spirit open up and be graceful through flight and be seen as the other opens up and reveals the likeness of every heavenly being seen to others, as grace flies through the other’s upper chambers and awakens the heavenly spirit of many to be alike and open through the times sanctified from one time given to the other in heaven.

for the number of heaven remains open and is given to know that the number of heaven is a million upon millions who gather like the shores and sands of God’s heel written from the book of life, and for the book of life God remains here among His Children.

and from many who became hardened rock and stone engravings of God’s hand to be the hearts of men and women chiseled out of grave stones and  the ones who praise only God in Heaven and by whom who makes a man solid image and forms him into diamond through only one crystal age and separates the diamond into three stacks that are pierced through by one heavenly light folded unto two within one opening of heaven’s Gate.


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