Rising Stars

Rising Stars

  1. God presets the seed of Heaven to be as a demon seed given to the others in man to seed the house of tomorrow by understanding the Christ, Buddha and Allah to be as the first or the last of their kind in Heaven seeded to man.
  2. and the House of Man to be given through the Spirit that gives everything of God’s heart and being alive, by adjusting the works of man to be as the heavens combined.
  3. and the works in Spirit to be as the first coming unto the next of His own seed of Christ who is begotten by the House of Man, and seeded to the next given in spirit to be the Son of Heaven in time.
  4. and the heavens opened to be the Spirit of One in Man or Woman as the Holy Spirit becomes the gift of men and women alike.
  5. and as the spirit opens the gates of man’s heart and soul. for trust will be given to him when he has the will of God’s heart within him to be written in stone and granite.
  6. and the heavens awaken the life in spirit to be as the Holy Ghost of the three trinities of heavenly domain.
  7. “the father sends a demon seed to bare witness for the coming of God and His children to be as the Father and Son to the Holy Spirit”. Amen

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