The First Fruit of Man

the third of man will be released from Hell to open the convenient of heaven. the one  calling out from the womb of Vietnam under the sphere in Time to know justice befalls upon no man but to our true measure given from heaven to be trusted and sincerely  from Saigon’s passing to whom is My Rising  Son and the altar of God’s Host from Buddha the first and last of heaven’s on Earth and through the underworld of God’s cavern set to the side but given to grace know Minor Asia the opening and eye of the beholder from under the city of Angels fixed by Red Wood and by the new Spirit of Hosts given from and to His own bosom sharing the light of our breath seen by the heart felt deeply to know  Her coming without a Goodbye or running to man’s open heaven filled with tears of comfort and promise that will release all Brothers and the Mother from captivity to know we are alike giving through house on top of the Highest of Mountains of God.


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