Babylon and Sirius

the burning waters of Sheol the waters of the the underworld, the seas of water and fire hovering over the face of the deep, and an image clothed to the sun seen over the waters of her firmament streaming through every root and canal hidden underneath the gardens of Sirius the western gate to be the only star seen during alignment in the heavenly body, and the only light seen above his firmament gathering three kingdoms to the west with a great blasting horn heard under a western sky that gathered the three armies under the star of Sirius for a great wedding to bring forth stars and the coming of light to be our sun. behold the great waters of marriage given by two pearls for two rings on the hand of the Mother who is the Great Dragon and Daughter who is Virgo and first constellation seen in heaven and the sun brought great light on the third day to rains and cloud cover holding the firmament to a great mist that covered the darkness and drizzle below as our sun awaits for his bride (the moon).

  see also: let there be light.



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