Mother Well

six gates open as our Father reopens the last in Heaven to remain faultless and growing unto the light of the sun, for he who enters justly follows their heart as it was inbound or taken from the light of a just cause that heals the guilt of men overcoming thus in Spirit. justified as the the new electing hand of God who entrusts us under the vineyard and garden that reopens light and heaven to the one in Him who’s holding the light of God in man healing the sick and making the blind see again by speaking in the Spirit of God’s tongue that makes a sword sharp and wisdom blind. and for the last of God’s remaining to be blinded by the light of God’s creation set before last enters. so let there be light. and the Angels of God separated the dark from the light of yesterday as it was given before today. and let the light of heaven remain seen unto the gates that fall plum under Heavenly Beings that restore the kingdom of the northern star and mother well. (ice cap) that cycles six heavens around a Mother Well. (atom)atom

        see also: let there be light.


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