White Sands

a fifth perished in the city of crosses by the father and his twin daughters who also fell below sacrificial age and carried their own cross, up the hill of shame and down into the Mesilla Valley, where the three were taken to the great caverns. The Hall of the White Giant that was prepared for their birthright in heaven to be given and instructed on what to eat and fear, to speak and hear as one does in the after-world or in the spirit of Christ Jesus, to the breath of God that speaks while being judged by The Priests of The Most High, that sing the songs of praise and seal the womb, until we rise again or be judged, for an awakening or advent to set forth a great sign in heaven that lights the shadows through western winds of jasper and molten lava to be everlasting and made to the House of David under the spear of destiny for a thousand years beside the Elect for the House of God’s chosen to be cleansed for two hundred years of truth and wisdom beside the Mother who is the Grandmother, and Lilly of the Desert, who gathers spirit of dust and devil twisting with the sands of time that appear like hovering angels over the stones crushed beneath Her feet and heel, to be also a number of Her seed collected between the breadth of the valleys of God flowing with living waters that divide two countries, and one state, in half by the Sword of Wisdom searched and found by the tree of life our tree of truth and authority, that was held by the parent state


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