I Am God

before Heaven gave the breath of life, mankind was empty and ever so mindful that God separated everything that was good from what was bad. from everything good was light but everything bad became darkness. but God saw what was good and made thus a creation unto everything good that came from one breath that covered the world as a wind that gives life to the waters, that’s giving life freely to the trees, that’s giving life to each creature or beast. so that life could be taken, and given back to us from the same breath that made everything bad into light as the symbiosis of God’s Spirit to choose a host, and become One in flesh. so that the world would understand the meaning of breath and life, given from an Angel that spoke as the first who had entered the garden as the likeness of God’s Spirit inhabiting the chosen to witness God’s everlasting covenant in Heaven and on earth.

see also: Let there be light


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