First Resurrected

  1. many who believe come without knowledge and understanding but it is to great understanding that we may not understand the trinity but only the one true God who is the Creator and Judge of all things.
  2. if the Father in Heaven receives a blessing and returns to our Day of the new and reliving can we accept this in the name of Christ our Lord who is in full body and spirit only to be from the trinity? or the spirit of the past, present and future? or does He come with or without association?
  3. if you know the prophets of God then will one come as a prophet and another as or a king to a country?
  4. if one would come in the name of God alone is He not a messenger?
  5. if the Lord returns will we not know Him as to who He has sent? or can we accept a sinner as the grace and true believer of creation and man to be alike?
  6. God is good and understanding and a place of rest. He who lays down in the pastures of heaven lays to rest all understanding and good to know God alone.

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