The Return

the June Bug is covered with gold and honey as she swept back unto your house in season, when all the birds fly from their peaceful journey under the heavens returning through the air to know the last seed saved will be your justice in peace to your predecessor when the season is ready and returns to a time, and a time and times halved for a time carried unto the wilderness and out of the wilderness taking the same amount of time that will anoint the man and child beside God who makes one a Shepard for the first watch and the other a garden’s keeper while in season. the Shepard prepares a sacrifice unto the people who eat meat and barley. while the garden keeper opens the gate of knowledge and prepares a special sacrifice unto the waters made pure unto to the ones willing to starve. the gardener reaps the heaven with a thrust in men to end all hunger while the Shepard revives the first lamb held for sacrifice to a godly nation.