Mythical Holy Creatures

Holy Creatures and Myths

the creature: is heavenly and a time jumper.

the Dragon: (to be alike) she sends for three days passing width and measure and lays Her egg in a hidden pit and recovers the First Fruits sown into a Garden for it’s children.

the Great Wyrm: (Human or Dragon form) she’s the Mother and the heart of the Dragon.

the Phoenix: Thunderbird and Daughters under the Dragon’s wing.

Baby Dove: Daughter of the Phoenix seen in S. America and Mid Town USA.

the Red Dragon: the Woman who carries the new born child (Buddha) and Red Dragon into China.

the White Dragon: Her day belongs next to the Emperor of Japan and Her day is never displaced.

the Magi: the change of heaven seen though the winds of God’s Spirit forged in wisdom by the days of old enchanted through a demon seeded in Heaven.

the Dryad: the mother of the garden and sister of Medusa that protects and speaks for the the tree of life, wisdom and truth.

Pandora’s Box: an open box given to a man to know the woman is destruction and hope to every beginning.

The Beholder: the underworld seen though a titans eye working from Heaven to the waters of the deep.


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