The Book of Men

  • When the light opens the the world the Guide of Heavens remains like a thieve unto the night giving the measure of God’s heart to know what makes man a mystery.

  • The light is laid upon the world when the heaven opens and the One who enters will become as The Lord Jesus Christ who will open the lights of many to be as gold walked upon and the light is the Father who makes a lot unto the ones who makes the gamble of God’s blessing taken for the the night to be given to One in spirit.

  1. Remember the light of the world is given to you as One that could be taken tomorrow.
  2. Always prepare the way unto the righteous as God has given to us in spirit to be as One.
  3. Always remember the that God has prepared for you the way that moves forth in spirit to the unknowing as much will be said that is never heard before.
  4. Reprove yourself worthy and let the spirit of God keep you in flight as you leap with faith.
  5. When trust is given to the Lord then reproof is giving in the spirit to know your on the correct path.
  6. Reproof is like a guide given to us when to know what was and what will be again.
  7. Remain true in spirit to know God provides for those who believe in Him.

  • As one who will forget when unbecoming a servant to know himself, but the lord understands and makes a field for the false prophet to receive a mark and rest for a time to be taken and renewed.
  • It is harder for a man to walk in the spirit of the Almighty alone. One must be prepared to know that God possesses the man in spirit to know pride and goodness above the Heavenly law.

 The False Teachers

  1. Anyway to God is the right way to God. and commands understanding to know God. when a teacher tells you that the heaven is know only through Him then let them write the Book of God and Men to be alike in all being.
  2. For the the only false teachers in us are the ones that never understand the heaven to be give to another or land in birth. Let the false teachers believe that heaven is only for the religious and the overbearing of freedom to religion, and many have seen the good deeds given to evil people for what makes right to be wrong is the know that House of God remains divided.
  3. If you would knock and God opens the back door for you the be as the house under one God in us to know good only is given by the spirit that knows all things. If i would clean the house only on Sundays then let them come in.
  4. and if a false prophet shall be welcomed under the roof of heaven then separate for peace to be One for tomorrow through what was and what will be the giving of truth. If you would be invited into someone else’s house then be honored.
  5. If God would divide this house in times to know that all who come to glorify the Father only glorifies their own teaching then teach what hasn’t been divided. But give glory to those who do good and worship in their own way.
  • a scholar reunites the book under man of God and first is the curse given to him to be a charlatan but the Book is God’s Holy possession.

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