City of God

because of the heaven we remain guiltless and free for the heaven to seal the mark of God in man. his number is 666 and the first without trust will come out of the mouth in time, for as the one who speaks blasphemy without knowing shall be punished as the first and the last to be the beast of me and the giving of heaven. but as the heavens yield mercy shall i give heaven praise? if one would fall from heaven the gates will remain shut. but if the gates shut before the less knowing to be guest and sacrificial lambs to the slaughter then one never know less than what he knows. as for the guest he who lives in terror will live in peace. as the wave pushes forth against the sand so shall terror blindly roll back unto the same waters from whence it came.

because i was alone and now becoming the foot soldier of this regime of God’s purpose to block any defensive measure the comes forth unto us. but the last order of man became wise and sat in company to heaven and all it’s fortitude was swept aside as the true culture arises from their own ashes and the fallen to be risen again. for the night will hold no sleepless from dreams or from the house of tomorrow be taken. if two warring factions open the heavens together then both will be given the keys of heaven that turns wrong to right and pleases the lord for their mercy shall be given 1000 fold unto one city remade to jasper and iron, waters that flow between and underneath the lands of our forefathers promise that every third of heaven and every third marriage shall be complete.

because of the woman who holds her day innocent and pure from heart shall be your reward and heaven tomorrow to have our children playing together and becoming the truth of our existence.


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