Sword of Light


  1. ask and it will be received
  2. the world is the child that hears from the Mother
  3. .the Mother is their first forever.
  4. the trumpet is the Last heard.
  5. the last will come first.

A new bridge placed in front of the gates of the Most High

The race to proverb collect or remade, the first knight who enters will be challenged upon entry will judge by accuracy in words any proverb in the Old Testament. Today starts by the first who enters and according to the law wife of child may not enter for more 30 days will last an hour at hand. Joust for the Sword of Light.

Example: “for Kings of men seek me and are ready to devour me from all sides their teeth are like lions that pierce my heart.” for king’s search for the house of David who welcome the spirit of God.

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