Heaven’s Alike

The Heaven

the last will be the first but if the first is last then combine the the last first who is to be second of all who came first. and when second coming has been foretold then destroy the second and rebuild what was first before the second coming.

The Beginning

in the beginning there word created the universe and the word created Us who created Them, who created Him who created You to be created for Two who will create One to be reborn again or twin . so let the mysteries of God become truth of the unknown. The Dragon (to be alike) came from the likeness of light to be the likeness alike and then He came from the dark to be alike somewhat dark but darker than right and the dragon saw what was light He was crossed between Him and Her when They became Them who become Two when they were One before the great battle ended none was found in heaven to be One and the last who will became first again who becomes last to became first and last becomes the Second. now in garden the the serpent was the guardian of the oldest tree and saved her knowledge for her children who became her elders who becomes the offspring to the elders who became the newest-marriage who becomes the other marriages that becomes the first and last marriage to become one-Marriage in heaven. now the Geology from thus creation of Us who created Them, who created Him who created Her who created Them who created you to be created for two who will create one to be a son to make two from one and three for two and one for a twin to begin again.

The Twins

the splice came from the first season that becomes the second branch in season to become the first of two halves that become one in season. the Garden Keeper liked what he saw, and made two from all the branches that grafted in from a season. and the womb produced two from a cave near Heaven to be alike the first who is youngest who outreaches for Heaven.

by the SincereMystic


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