A New Plow(age)

Source: A New Plow(age)

the marriage unto the lamb will be scattered as to the ends of this earth until the wedding is prepared. the day will be in presence of The Most High with all the angels and it’s elect in Heaven. and from His presence brings the light of 1000 suns even His night became light as to a 1000 stars shining bright that was fueled by the fire of God’s spirit. ​let​ ​them​ ​who​ ​know​ ​the​ ​hour​ ​of​ ​His​ ​return​ ​bare​ ​His​ ​name​ ​written​ ​by heart​ ​and plow​ ​that​ ​seed God’s ​spoken​ ​language​ upon the​ ​foreheads to them who were made clean or fueled by the blood of the lamb. and who will add 7 score and 4 more years upon every living creature.


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