Joust Now

The race to proverb collect or remade, the first knight who enters will be challenged upon entry will judge by accuracy in words any proverb in the Old Testament. Today starts by the first who enters and according to the law wife of child may not enter for more 30 days will last an hour at hand. Joust for the Sword of Light.

Leave your Proverb as a comment.

The Platinum Dragon

heaven is like the turning of the house of stone without  the Knight falling and from the south did one enter north and north south to count the heavens unto One knowing the North and East of Avalon and the Island of the Kings who are ferried across the firmament by the greater northern ships of France and Germany seen above the thunders of it’s skies jousting across our heaven to be seen as the calling of the kings the had no coronation to be under the flag of truce and what become the giver and host to a Viking’s town of Whitby that fall upon every knight and squire who is to be my brother’s keeper and Bridged between the chasm of fire that brought fourth Angels and Heaven to pull the sword of Kings and the know the true given hand of Merlin to Excalibur through the Son…

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