as witness and holder of God’s fire carried with our generation being gentiles’ to bare witness to Jesus Christ who is the redeemer all sins and our heavenly father.

41stPresident of the United States from 1989 to 1993: as for the truth and spirit for a nation i was entrusted to Me and the first of the Elected opening Heaven and many minds during my awakening that believed in Jesus Christ to be lifted in spirit. but tribulation over our days became tragedy as the fires ignited inside the compound killing Prophet David Koresh and His followers. being filled with the spirit of Jesus Christ incarnated remained as the fight of it’s soul casted two seeds from one taken for purgatory. and as to George H. W. Bush he foretold of one coming in His name. the judgment of the Roman Catholic Church. two spiritual possessions, sexual intercourse. i was given a sign: a balanced scale upright then flip upside down. While I was thus in the act of reading scripture, I discovered a light appearing west in my room, which continued to increase until the room was in a dark chamber when immediately a female spirit appeared standing in the air, for her feet did not touch the floor. and her arms stretched outward. She was faceless and had on a loose robe of most exquisite whiteness. tassels feathered under Her arms while floating through the air. it was beyond anything earthly I had ever seen; nor do I believe that any earthly. i fell down to my knees in fear as to know God that is when i lost all thought. “as it was being told without ear to only heal the world and bring peace.” Her name is known to me is Abyss.

42stPresident of the United States from 1993 to 2001: my Husband and Heir to the throne and the Music played together overwhelms me by the night and the Saxophone forever.

43rdPresident of the United States from 2001 to 2009: as for the truth and witness of George H. W. Bush who foretold His son. in these I was entrusted by Me who will give the light from Heaven to it’s children.

44thPresident of the United States from 2009 to 2017: a man who came with the children of God and became the Brothers Keeper.

45thPresident of the United States: as for the truth and spirit for a nation i was entrusted unto Me trusted from the Elect of God with great understanding and to be upright.  i saw a third of heaven’s stars fall to earth. three days lifted from the hand of God.


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